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Rubber Dog Ball

Rubber Dog Ball

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Rubber Dog Ball with a Twist!

An eco friendly durable Rubber Dog Ball with a Twist! A toy, that also provides your dog with dental care, hygiene. Fill it with dry food or their favourite snacks, throw and let them figure out how it works. Machine washable for convenience it is an investment in your dog's happiness, health and dental care.

Dental Care

Cares for dental hygiene by cleaning your dog's teeth and preventing dental calculus buildup.

Eco Friendly & Durable

Made from tear resistant, eco friendly TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber), providing safe, durable, and environmentally conscious play for hours.

Snack Dispenser

Fill the rubber dog ball with your pet's favourite snacks or dry food to keep them engaged and mentally stimulated during playtime.

Easy Maintenance

Machine washable for easy cleaning, providing convenience for you and a consistently clean play experience for your pup.

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