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Catnip Ball on a Wall

Catnip Ball on a Wall

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Your cat's favourite snack on a wall!

Treat your cat to a healthy lick with our Natural Catnip Ball. Promotes dental care, eases anxiety, and aids in relieving stomach pain for bathing cat's. Natural snack that care's for your feline friend's health.

Natural and Non Toxic

Crafted from natural plant extracts, the catnip ball is chemical free, a safe and non toxic healthy treat for your cat.

Stick on

Stick on feature for easy attachment to walls or surfaces, staying securely in place during licking and playing.

Keep Your Cat Happy

Infused with irresistible scents of catnip and silver vine, these balls act as powerful attractants, acts as a stress reliever and a toy to make your cat happier and more contempt.

Tooth Cleaning

Helps felines oral health by reducing dental plaque and tartar, for a fresh breath, and improves overall oral hygiene in kittens.

Satisfy Natural Instincts

Serve a dual purpose by satisfying your cat's natural instincts and aiding dental hygiene through effective teeth grinding.

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