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Nail Clippers

Nail Clippers

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Clip, Clip away!

Introducing the LED Nail Clippers! Specially designed for small dogs and cats a safe and efficient nail clipping tool. This tool comes with essential features to make the process easy and smooth for both pets and their owners.

Two Lighting Modes

Easily identify blood lines on nails with the low light mode.

Detect ear mites in the ear using the highlight mode.

Built in LED Light

The bright LED light provides clear visibility of the bleeding line, preventing excessive trimming and potential nail bleeding.

Half Moon Shaped Incision Design

Designed to for the unique shapes of cat and small dog nails, ensuring a precise and easy use.

Stainless Steel Blade

The rust resistant stainless steel blade boasts hardened sharpness, ensuring durability.

Replaceable Button Battery

Powered by a replaceable CR 2032 button battery, offering up to a full year of normal usage for continuous convenience and reliability.

Transparent Baffle Design

Prevents the splashing of broken nails, allowing for easy cleanup and removal, adding convenience to the trimming process.


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