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Ball Catapult Gun

Ball Catapult Gun

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Bring back fun to playtime!

Designed to bring back fun to your pet's playtime, the Catapult Gun toy is made for effortless, fun play, bringing back comfort and joy to both you and your pet. It stimulates your pet's instincts and promotes physical exercise for a fulfilling play experience.

Effortless Interaction

Enjoy the simplicity of one click engagement as the toy effortlessly launches plush balls up to 3-5 meters, ensuring endless entertainment with a ready supply of ammunition.

Instinctual Stimulation

Witness your cat's hunting instincts in action! The seamless one click start triggers your cat's natural curiosity, providing mental and physical stimulation for a happy and healthy pet.

Bonding Beyond Borders

Elevate your pet parent relationship to new heights. The Interactive Launch Toy enables play and bonding with your cat from a distance, fostering moments of joy and connection even when you're apart.

Perfect Gift for Pet Lovers

More than just a playtime accessory, this toy makes for an ideal gift for family and friends who cherish their pets. Share the gift of joy and interaction with those who value the companionship of their pets.


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