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Automatic Door Hanging Cat Toy

Automatic Door Hanging Cat Toy

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Make your cat's playtime awesome!

It wiggles, it rotates, keeping your cat busy, even while you are away! It's sturdy, rechargeable, it fits any door, designed to entertain your cat! 

Automatic Movement

Watch as it automatically wiggles and rotates, mimicking lifelike movements to captivate your cat's attention and keep them entertained.

Smart Play Time

The toy operates for 10 minutes before entering standby mode for 2 hours, preventing overstimulation and making sure your cat remains interested and engaged throughout their play sessions.

Hands Free Play

Say goodbye to constantly entertaining your cat! This battery operated toy allows your cat to play independently, freeing up your hands while satisfying your cat's natural instincts for hunting and pouncing.

Sturdy & Secure 

The non slip metal hook ensures that the toy stays securely in place on the door, while the adjustable hanger accommodates various door thicknesses (2.5-5cm), providing a safe and stable playing environment for your cat and your home.

Customizable Elastic Rope

The toy comes with an adjustable elastic rope that can be cut to the desired length, allowing you to tailor the toy's height to your cat's preferences. Additionally, you can add DIY accessories like tassels or plush mice to further entice your cat's interest and enrich their play experience.

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