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Silvervine Chew Stick

Silvervine Chew Stick

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A Healthy Toy & a Healthy Snack!

A natural fun choice providing healthy benefits. Made from 100% organic silvervine wood and infused with catnip, this snack promotes dental health care while keeping them occupied.

100% Organic & Additive Free

Made from wild, unprocessed silvervine wood infused with catnip, our chew sticks support digestion and overall pet health without additives or preservatives.

Dental Care

Chewing helps eliminate plaque and tartar, freshening your cat's breath and improving their oral health.

Suitable for Indoor Pets

Perfect for cats, kittens, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, and more, providing entertainment and aiding stress relief.

Activity Joy

Provides joy through activities like chewing, rubbing, licking, rolling, running, and purring, keeping cats happy and contempt.

Best Gift for Your Cat

A versatile solution to chewing, separation anxiety, boredom, and weight management challenges, loved by cats for various activities.

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