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PurrPlay Ball

PurrPlay Ball

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It's not just a toy it's a friend!

One Click and your cat has a friend to play with! A hands free companion, made from safe and durable materials. Created to be bitten and bat around for the pleasure of your feline pet.

A Friend

More than just a toy, it's a trusted friend offering hands free fun, exercise, and mental stimulation.

Automatic Movement

Self moving actions, stimulating your pet's natural instincts for chase and play.


Powered by an 80mAh battery, this interactive ball is easily rechargeable, providing 30-60 minutes of continuous movement on a full charge.

Compact Design

With a 1.69-inch (4.3cm) diameter, it's perfectly sized for a cat or a small dog to pet, bat, chase, and enjoy, making it ideal for indoor pets.

Durable & Safe

Made from food grade ABS material, the ball ensures safety and durability. The soft, skin friendly silicone wrap adds bite resistance and comfort during playtime.

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